Massage in Brighton & Hove

Does Sports Massage hurt?

“Sports Massage sometimes gets ‘bad press’ as being one of the more intense treatments. It’s true that sometimes deep therapeutic work can be uncomfortable with the ‘gains’ not evident until after your treatment.

Never forget however, that it’s your treatment and to gain the maximum benefit you need to remain relaxed.. so if thats not possible it’s better to have your therapist reduce the pressure or slow down.

More experienced massage therapists have a range of techniques at their disposal and can often achieve a result with a lighter more subtle approach.

One of the great things about Sports Massage is that it’s a treatment that can include a wide range of techniques (not just massage) to achieve an end result. As such Sports Massage can be gentle, subtle and relaxing … as well as intense, hard and deep. For the best result communicate with your therapist and remember to ‘breath deeply’ and keep your body soft!”

Mark Alexander (ISRM)

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